Mike Bridges

The California Vaquero Style can be traced to Mexico and California from the Iberian Peninsula by the Portuguese and Spanish Conquistadors. Mike began learning the Vaquero Tradition from his grandfather. Staying true to the traditions, Mike has spent more than fifty five years making a living from the back of a horse. His current public clinic offerings include Introduction to the Hackamore, Seeking Refinement, In Hand Work, Cattle Working Clinics and a Bridle Course.


Upcoming Clinics

Hackamore Use in the California Style & Seeking Refinement @ Bend, OR
Sep 22 – Sep 24 all-day

During the Hackamore clinic you will gain an understanding of the physical use of the hackamore and the bio mechanical influence to the horse. Please contact the clinic host for additional information.

The Seeking Refinement clinic focuses on rider development and the bio mechanics of the horse. Body and hand signals for influencing the horse are demonstrated and practiced. Please contact the clinic host for additional information.

Project 8 Session 1A (Private) @ Bend, OR
Sep 25 – Sep 27 all-day
Master Study Group (Private) @ Santucci Ranch
Sep 28 – Oct 1 all-day

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